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15/01/06 - sunday

We were late getting up this morning. Dad let us stay up to watch the movie Narnia. It was really cool and some parts scary. We love movie nights. Dad won't let us watch TV at other times, he says it stifles our creativity.
Our aunty Maree rang dad and asked if she could take us kids to the Morman church. They have an excellent sunday school for kids. Dad said it certainly couldn't harm us. He wants us to have a wide view of religious beliefs and philosphies as we grow up. Dad said truth is like asking 5 blind men to describe an elephant. They will each touch a different part of the elephant and describe it from that point of view, therefore differing in their perspective. Although they have part of the truth, they don't have the whole.
It's our responsibility dad said, to explore every belief system to determine what is the truth for ourselves. It may take a lifetime....or more.... A spiritual warrior he said, is an explorer of the "here and now"...

After church, dad gave us lunch and put us to bed. When we woke, we caught our pony and hit the beach. It was another lovely day and we kept at a fast pace all the way to the ocean beach point, then sat down on the sand for awhile to take in the glorious view.

It was quite overcast today, but we could make out Gannet Island in the far distance. Dad said Gannet Island is the largest gannet colony in New Zealand. It's about 12 miles off the Kawhia coastline. Te Maika was directly opposite us, on the other side of the harbour entrance and we could just see the small settlement of Te Waitere on the far south-eastern side of the harbour.
On the way back, we stopped off at the lagoon to have a swim. When we arrived back in town, we went down to aunty Geni's. There were heaps of our cousins from the Eketone, Bracken and Taylor whanau their. A family hui was on. Us kids ran amok outside and played all sorts of games, while the adults had a pow-wow inside. It was early evening when they finished, but us kids had a real choice time. Dad said he had another treat for us tonight...we could watch the movie "Chicken Little" on dvd....tu meke.

16/01/06 - monday

This morning, mom took us down to Te Kohanga reo. It was the first day back at school for the year. We played in the sandpit most of the time before mom took us home. She told dad that she thinks we have outgrown kohanga and it is not stimulating enough for us anymore. Mom said we were bored because he has been taking us on all these exciting adventures over the last few months and being confined to the indoors and a small yard again, may affect our creativity. She said us kids aren't ordinary anymore and it would be cruel to leave us cooped up like chickens.
Dad thought about it and agreed with mom. He said we will have to learn the reo another way. There are other things far more valuable to learn he said.
In the afternoon, dad took us down to Te Puti for a kayak around the estuary. The water was only about 2 foot deep, so dad towed us while we all sat on the kayak. I was using the paddle to row and dad said, I am a natural kayaker. It was really choice.
After our kayaking, we all went down to karewa beach and walked past Maketu marae to the lagoon. We enjoyed a swim while mom collected some pipi's for dinner. We later went around to aunty Geni's to play with Turanga and Hawaiiki. Tonight we are going to watch "Harry Potters" latest movie.

17/01/06 - tuesday

This morning was collecting kai moana time, so dad rowed us out to the "Lady Kawhia" and left us their with mom to do some fishing, while he headed off to dive for mussels. Dad came back with a big bucket full, then he rowed us back to shore for a swim on the beach, while he continued to fish off his boat.
When we got to mom's place, she cooked us a delicious seafood dinner, then put us to sleep to prepare for this afternoon's pony ride. Dad went home for awhile to work on his computer. He said he has been getting hundreds of enquiries about the Kawhia Traditional Maori Kai (food)Festival and he has to answer them all. It's Kawhia's biggest day. Dad is the webmaster for the "King Country Information Directory" website, which is a free service.
The weather was very hot today, so dad took us through the forest on another one of his secret trails. I just love the forest, it's so mysterious and mystical and full of birds and rabbits. I didn't spot any "little people", but I think we were far too noisy. We eventually came out onto the sand dunes, then cut down to the ocean beach from their.
Most of the tourists have gone home, so the beach was lovely and peaceful again. Although their were still some people at the hotpools. Dad said we will start going back to the pools when all the tourists disappear. It's another one of our most favourite spots.
I wonder whats on the movies tonight?