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18/01/06 - wednesday

We were up early this morning, because dad wanted to pick some medicinal plants which were good for de-toxifying the body. He said the temperature needs to be just right when plucking the leaves. Dad has been interested in medicinal plants for as long as I can remember. He said many of his natural healing methods, have been handed down from generation to generation. Being aware of the healing properties of natural plants, shrubs and herbs, is an excellent skill to have, dad said. It makes you more self-reliant and it saves you doctor's bills too.
Dad caught the pony and we all headed off around the beach, then up into the forestry. We had a wonderful time. No matter how many times we walk or ride these trails, it is never boring. There is constant change happening. Dad showed us many different varaiety of plants and mosses as we silently trekked along. Dad said Kawhia's natural healing supplies are abundant and have almost everything you need to stay healthy.
After our afternoon sleep, dad took us for a walk along the pohutukawa trail separating Karewa beach from the township. We stopped under the sacred tree "Tangi te Korowhiti" for awhile , where mom and dad got married, just to say hello, then carried on down to the wharf. It's good to catch up every now and then to see what the fatcat townies are doing.

19/01/06 - thursday

It's a yucky day. It's raining, so dad said we will be staying indoors all day. Mom said she will look after us today, while dad shifts house. We are moving into mom's place from saturday, because she is going to school in Auckland, to study about computor engineering for a year or more.
Dad got home earlier than expected and it stopped raining, though still very windy, so we went for a cruise down town, walking the pohutukawa trail. It was "junk food day". Choice, "fish n chips." That was so yummy.
The wind dropped off and it was on...a pony ride to the ocean beach. We quickly walked home, caught the pony and hit the beach. It was simply divine. A little nippy and windy for the fatcats, so the beach was deserted. Aotea was on dads back and Tokomaru and I were on the pony. Nehemiah and mom were walking.
We powered along the beach, leaving them far behind. Dad and our pony were keeping a brisk pace as usual. Dad really loves her, he says that Pipi is turning out a real champion pony and a big blessing. We were becoming more silent during our trek and more attuned to the environment around us. Dad said the whole beach, past Maketu marae and all the way to Aotea harbour, was part of the "power spot" here... The wairua (spirit) lives here and no-body knows, he whispered.
On the way back, we ran into Nehemiah and mom by the lagoon. Nehe wanted a ride, so dad gave the pony to mum to lead and walked and jogged with us. It was so much fun. Dad says we are coming out of that "restricted movement" stage and getting more "on the move"...he's loving it because he thinks us kids have the potential to be champion athletes, if we chose, or be anything we want to be. Dad said it's his responsibility to guide us to build a strong foundation, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...

20/01/06 - friday

Our hikoi started at 8am this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. The gentle lapping of the waves on the beach, were music to my ears. It was too early for the fatcats, so the beach was deserted, except for a couple of early-bird fishermen. Our pony was eager to get into a fast pace, her ears were alert and she was increasingly looking foward to our ocean beach treks. Dad was enjoying it too, the fitter he was becoming.
Even the hot-pools were the most magical time. On the way back, dad made us walk for awhile. We love climbing up the sand-dunes and throwing sticks in the water and chasing dad...When we got to the lagoon we hopped back on the pony...and dad...and powered home.