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21/01/06 saturday

We were up early again this morning and off on our hikoi to the ocean beach. Dad said, no matter how many times he treks the Kawhia fore-shore, it's never boring or the same. I agree, I am always noticing different birds, shells, sights n sounds and a new buzz every moment.
There were some early-birds fishing off the beach again. They were Indians. Dad said he's noticing more and more foreigners coming to Kawhia, which he said was a good thing.. Foreigners, which includes Aucklanders, are adding their unique culture and idea's to the local blend and gradually changing the consciousness for the better.
Mom didn't want to miss the walk this morning, she's off tomorrow to Auckland to go to school for a year, so she will be spending most of her days with her head stuck in a computor. Mom doesn't seem to mind though, she loves computors. Dad said mom's making a big sacrifice to pursue her studies, but she believes this was the best thing she could do to support us in the future. He supports her totally and wish's her all success. It's going to be tougher going for dad without mom's help, but lucky he's got me to help him...he's gonna need a clever boy like me beside him.
Mom stopped off at the lagoon to pick some pipi's, while we carried on riding our pony around the ocean beach. It was heaven. A couple of fat-cats drove past us on their 4 wheeler bikes, but otherwise nature was singing to us in all her glory...Dad said enjoy it while we can, because the world is changing and even our lifestyle will one-day change. But at least we have witnessed one of the world's greatest natural treasures.
In the afternoon, dad took us down to the wharf for a swim. He watched us from a car while he chatted to Bill Rewi, one of the most experienced seaman in Kawhia. We had a lot of fun building a sand castle on the beach. Later we played with our cousin's Nehemiah and Nahim.
In the early evening, dad took us down to Maketu Marae, where our kaumatua, uncle Bert King, was celebrating his 80th birthday. There were many of our whanau their and hundreds of other kids too. A musical band was playing and the tables were full of food. Dad was busy chatting, so we went into the whare kai (food hall) and a nice lady gave us heaps of lollies and fizzy drinks. Dad came over later and tried to give us some other food, but we didn't want it. We wanted the yummy food...

22/01/06 - sunday

We started on our hikoi at 7am this morning. Mom wanted one last walk before she leaves for Auckland today at 11am. Tokomaru doesn't know it yet, but he will miss mom. He's mom's favourite. Aotea and I won't care, as long as we are with dad, we are happy.
As we were passing the marae, dad stopped to chat to Ollie Thom, she said we could use "Twinkle toes" her small shetland pony, if we want. Twinkle toes was the first pony we had ridden before we bought Pipi. Dad said yes, then he doesn't have to carry anyone on his backpack anymore and we could trek further up into the hills and come home through the forest. That really got me excited. We could even have a picnic...
At 11am, mom left. We drove to Aotea to show some visitors the way to Aotea horsetreks, then headed down to the beach, for a play in the water-pools left stranded by the outgoing tides. It was choice fun as usual. Aotea harbour, is another one of our most favourite places in the whole wide world.
When we arrived home, dad sat us down on the floor for a pow-wow. He said, now that mom's gone, the work-load will increase, so we need to sharpen our team-work skills and work together. The more supportive and helpful to each other we can be, the more of a winning team we will become. Dad said people become winners from making a lot of mistakes, so he expects us to make much more than average and learn from each one of them.
Dad also said, crucial to our success, is the ability to let go and 'go with the flow'...think like water he said...there's always another way. Grievances or percieved grievances are like subconcious brakes and will only slow us down. We want to move light and fast...He reminded us that a forgiving attitude is always the best way... Dad said he doesn't expect us to remember all what he said, but the seeds have been planted and we must all water and nourish the plants well and be alert for the weeds.
Then we all put our boots on and hiked the neat foot-paths and pavements of fat-cat town...smack in the middle of an outdoor persons paradise....oop's a weed...

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