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23/01/06 - monday

The first thing we did this morning was go and get Twinkle toes from her paddock in town. On the way we met Brenda Staples, she was saddling up her horse to go for a ride. Dad said Brenda has ridden a horse around the ocean beach more than anyone in history. More than a thousand times over the years. I wanted to hop on her horse, but she told me not to go near it. She didn't realise I can ride any horse in the world...
We hadn't ridden Twinkle toesl for about 3 months and we were glad to see her again. She's slightly bigger than our pony and fatter, so she was more comfortable to ride bareback. Dad threw us on her and away we went to get Pipil too.
It was a bit strange having two ponies. Dad left me on Twinkle toes and put Tokomaru and Aotea on Pipi and away we went around the shore to the ocean beach. Twinkle toes couldn't walk as fast as our pony, so she got into a little jog that kept pace perfectly. It was fun...for about 2k's, then I started to complain to dad that it was getting un-comfortable. He said he could see, that it was good for me and to endure just a bit longer...typical... We got to 5k's and dad swapped places with Tokomaru and I and headed home again.
Surprisingly, Tokomaru didn't complain once, he just kept up a constant hum as Twinkle toes jogged up and down in the soft sand. When we got to the lagoon, dad led the ponies into the water and we trekked for awhile in the sea to cool them down.
After lunch and a nap, we drove out to the farm to see if Johnny Jarrit had rotary hoed our garden with his tractor. He hadn't, he was doing it tomorrow. Dad's looking forward to starting on the garden. He says it will be very good for us to see a garden prepared from absolute scratch to hopefully a thriving one. It will be a huge garden dad said, so we'll all know about weeds by the time we finish it.
Dad told us he has to go to town tomorrow, so Tokomaru and I will be going to nana's and Aotea will go with him. I didn't like that. Nana's old and she doesn't like us touching her things. Dad said nana's going to take us down to the wharf for a swim and play on the beach and he'll be back in time for a pony ride in the afternoon. I gave dad my blessings to go if he really hurried.
On the way home we raided aunty Geni's grapefruit tree. It's loaded. Dad likes us eating local fruit in season. He said it helps climatise us and keeps us healthy. Dad said many people won't eat the delicious grapefruit, because they think it's sour, but if they had of started early as kids to eat it, they wouldn't let it drop on the ground to just get rotten and wasted. He said the same people will then buy oranges out of a supermarket thinking it's fresh and filled with nutrients, but have actually been sitting in a freezer for months on end and most probably imported.

24/01/06 - tuesday

We were up early this morning and dad fed us the usual combination of stewed figs, dates and raisins mixed with corn-meal. Dad said it's great for our immune system and keeping our mind alert, but I don't think nana likes alert minds, she said I am too inquisitive for my own boots, whatever that means..
Dad dropped Tokomaru and I off at nana's and he and Aotea went to town. We thought nana was taking us down to the wharf for a swim, but it rained...and it rained...and it rained, so we were allowed to watch the kid programmes on tv. When dad arrived back, nana told him our eyes were glued to the tv as if we've never seen cartoons before...Dad said we haven't...and he wasn't sure if we had missed anything.
It was too wet to do anything outdoors, so we spent the rest of the afternoon reading some new books that dad had bought us and just as it got dark, it cleared up, so off we went for a quick hike around the block and back home for our dinner...We were having a Maori boil-up tonight...

25/01/06 - wednesday

Dad was asked to skipper the "Lady Kawhia" today, so nana offered to look after us. We went down to the wharf for a swim and play on the beach while dad went off on a cruise of Kawhia harbour. Our big cousin Sam played with us and showed us how to 'bomb off the wharf'...then it started to rain again...
When dad arrived back, he took us home for a lunch and a nap..
It was still raining when we awoke, so we all ganged up on dad and wrestled him till he finally gave-up, then suddenly it was time to hit the beach...
Dad said, because it may rain again very soon, we will only go for a short walk, which turned out to be 'miles'....we reached the lagoon and walked home via the back of Maketu marae, stopping off for awhile to check out "Auaukiterangi" the whare tupana (ancestral) house...It was truly awesome!

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