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26/01/06 - thursday

Dad was on the computor till late last night, so we had to pull his blankets off and pull him out of bed. He wasn't impressed and got up moaning. We ate a quick breakfast, then headed down to catch the 2 ponies.
It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky when we set off around the Kawhia foreshore towards the ocean beach. The tide was full in, so we had to trek through a lot of water to get around to the lagoon. We could see huge shoals of small fish playing on the surface, no doubt the bigger fish were underneath chasing them.
Dad said, after two days of being together, the ponies have developed a better relationship with each other. They certainly looked very relaxed together, as they trekked side by side.
Our endurance and strength levels are increasing dad said. It won't be long before we can trek all the way to Aotea harbour and back over the hills. We may just do that in the next month, that will be about a 25-30 kilometre trek, he said, then added, 'I'm really proud of the way you kids have accepted and enjoyed this discipline, if you are really good at one thing, you
We released the ponies at the back of Maketu marae, then slowly wandered back around the beach to Karewa, examining all the interesting shells, rocks and crabs along the way. It was another heavenly day.
After lunch and a nap, we went down to the wharf for a swim and play on the beach. Heaps of big kids were doing bombs off the wharf and I asked if I could too, but he said we are too young yet. Our time will come next year.....maybe
Thursday, it was our fish n chip day. We ate by the wharf and fed the seagulls the left-overs. Dad said it was time to "nip in the bud' us eating junk-food. He says the "bird-flu" might make an appearance and we all need to have a very strong immune system to ward off any virus. It was time to go home. Dad said we can watch the movie "Chicken Little" again....he's our hero

27/01/06 - friday

This morning, dad drove us out to the farm to take us for a hikoi on Mangaroa Station, which is opposite the farm. We crossed the estuary and over a fence that dad said was electric, whatever that is.
We wanted to see the sheep and the cows up much closer, so dad took us in the middle of a huge paddock. They were everywhere, we even saw 3 rabbits, 2 hawks, a mob of turkeys, some wild ducks, 2 blue heron's and a peacock cruising around.
While we were at the farm, we saw some local youths dragging an old car down the Raglan road to dump somewhere. Dad said their parents obviously never taught them respect and appreciation for our living natural world.
On the way home we stopped to pat "Big Mama" our really big horse, she's only 2 years old and next year dad is going to break her in for us to ride the ocean beach. Dad said it's taken him 4 generations to breed her, she's part clysdale, arab and appaloosa...A real Kawhia horse.
After our nap we went to catch our ponies and headed for the beach and around to our ocean-beach eco-wonderland...

28/01/06 - saturday

Dad said he had to sort some technical problems out on his computor, so we spent the morning playing in our own backyard. It was a very hot day, so dad filled up our tub and let us play in the water. After lunch and a nap, we caught our ponies and hit the beach. For some reason their were a large number of fatcats driving past on their 4 wheel bikes today. They were everywhere. Some fishing off the beach, others in the hotpools and many just having a pleasure drive on the ocean-beach...It was a particularly beautiful day...but nobody was walking.
When we got to out to the natural swimming pool at the heads, dad tied the ponies up and we ran and leapt into the pool. It was warm and delicious and we played for a long time before hopping back on the ponies and cruising on home again.
Dad said he's amazed at how confident and good we are getting at riding the ponies. He said we would definately be the best in New Zealand for our age group and in a few more months we would be amongst the best in the world.

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