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29/01/06 - sunday

This morning we went out to the farm to see Johnny Jarrit rotary hoe our garden. While we were their, dad worked on training our big horse Sawadee. He said it's the best horse he has ever bred and has the makings of a champion in whatever discipline she gets trained in.
We stayed at the farm to the early afternoon, then went home for lunch and a nap. Dad said when we wake, we will have a surprise visitor.
It was Brodie, our big sister, she had driven down from Auckland and was going to stay with us the night. Brodie said she is going to London in april, she has a job their. She works as a beautician. Dad said she is a real city girl, so it would be good for her to come on our hikoi to the ocean her bare-feet.
We caught the ponies and walked down to the beach. It was another stunning day and their were heaps of tourists driving rented motor-bikes on the beach. We stopped off at our swimming hole at the ocean beach point and had a long swim. The water was beautiful and warm. Dad took the horses into the pool too, to cool them down.
Brodie was very impressed with our riding skills and said she has never seen anyone our age that could ride like us. I said, I know. After our ride, we went home and Brodie gave us some gifts and cooked us a real delicious dinner and read us some books. It was sooo good to spend some time with our big sister. I hope she stays with us forever.

30/01/06 - monday

It was a lovely overcast day, much cooler than yesterday. We went out to the farm, so dad could work on our big horse "Sawadee", while we went exploring for rabbits and blackberries to eat.
In the afternoon we went for our pony ride out to the ocean-beach and stopped off at our swimming hole for about 2 hours. The water was beautiful and warm as usual. On the way back we met aunty Geni and cousin Sam power-walking along the beach their bare-feet. Aunty Geni said she will be doing this very regular from now on, because she has to stop the rolls of fat around her stomach increasing and she can see how fit we are looking too. Dad was really pleased and said he hopes they will keep it up.

31/01/06 - tuesday

We started our hikoi early at 6.30am this morning, because dad said we are going to town to do our shopping and he has to drive a house-bus back to Kawhia for aunty.
The foreshore was stunning as usual, it was overcast and slightly drizzling with rain. We trekked along in silence and marvelled at nature's beauty. The ponies were enjoying their daily walk and got into a fast walking rythem with enthusiasm. Only a solitary fisherman was awake at this hour.
When we arrived back, we had a quick breakfast, picked up aunty Geni and hit the road for Te Awamutu, about 60 k's away. While in town, dad took us down to memorial park to feed the ducks and play on the swings and slides. After our shopping, we went to pick up the bus which aunty Geni wanted to use for accommodation down at the farm. Dad drove it while we followed in our truck.
Half-way back to Kawhia, we stopped at our favourite river hole to have a swim. some-one had dumped an old cooking stove into it. Dad couldn't believe any human could have such in-sensitivity to nature to do that. The river was much cooler than our ocean-beach pool, but we really enjoyed our swim and throwing river stones around.
It was late when we finally arrived back to our humble little whare in Kawhia.

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