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1/02/06 - wednesday

We awoke early this morning again and set off for our ocean beach hikoi. Dad said we could be gone all day, so he packed a lunch for us. We stopped for awhile at our swimming hole, then carried on down the ocean beach towards Aotea harbour. Just before reaching their, we stopped for another swim, then helped dad collect drift-wood to build a fire on the beach. When the fire had settled, dad placed some rewae (potatoes) in the embers and when they were cooked, he pulled them out to cool, then put some butter in them for us. We ate like starved monkeys, they were delicious.
After lunch, we went up into the forest where dad made a comfortable bed out of long grass and we slept for about 2 hours. When we awoke, we headed further up into the hills where we've never been before. It was like the magical kingdom of Narnia...
We feasted on wild blackberries and climbed the highest sand-dune around. Then slowly we made our way home through the huge forest. It was about 6pm when we reached the Kawhia township, it had been a massive day. Five minutes after we arrived home, it started to rain.
Dad gave us a bath, cooked dinner and set a movie up for us...The Lion King.

2/02/06 - thursday

We slept till 9am this morning, the latest ever. Dad said we were all stuffed from yesterday, so he let us sleep in. When we awoke, we had breakfast, then drove out to the farm to help aunty Geni position her house-bus in place.
Dad said, mom's coming back to Kawhia on the weekend, it's the Kawhia Traditional Kai (food) festival (Kawhia's biggest day) and she doesn't want to miss it. I told Tokomaru and he got all excited...
In the afternoon, we headed off on our ocean beach hikoi, but with only one pony. The owners of Twinkle toes came to get her, they had relatives coming to visit who wanted a pony ride, so it was back to one of us on dad's back and two on the pony, which dad says he still enjoys.
We stopped at our swimming hole for awhile, then trekked into the forest and explored "never never land" all the way home.

3/02/06 - friday

This morning we went down to the Kawhia park to help put up tents and marquee's for the kai festival tomorrow. Dad said it's big kids work, so we went for a swim and play on the beach. It was very hot, so dad took us home at midday for lunch and a nap, he told me mom had rang and asked if we could wait for her to arrive home this afternoon, before we went for our hikoi around to the ocean-beach. She said a couple of weeks in the big city had stressed her. She needed to walk on the beach in her bare-feet, to tune back in to nature again.
It was nearly 4pm before mom arrived and even I was excited she was back in Kawhia. Dad told her to hurry up and get her townie clothes off, then off we went...

4/02/06 - saturday

It was Kawhia's kai festival day, so we headed down to the local park early. Dad said according to the hits on his website, their should be a huge crowd, he was predicting around 10,000 visitors coming to Kawhia.
The weather was hot and sunny and already heaps of kids were swimming. We joined them, while dad walked around chatting to the store-holders. Later we sat with dad listening to the band, then the kapa haka group came on...they were awesome
By midday the park was packed with people. Dad said he's never seen so many people in Kawhia at the same time. We ate till we couldn't eat any more, then dad said, it was time to go home for a nap if we want to go for a pony ride this afternoon.
After our nap, we were off to catch our pony behind the marae. She was looking forward to seeing us. The tide was full in, so no vehicle's could get around the beach, therefore not a fat-cat in sight. Dad said it was amazing that 10,000 people were in Kawhia and no-one was experiencing one of the greatest eco-wonderlands in New Zealand. We stopped at our water hole for a swim before eventually coming home. It was awesome as usual.