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5/02/06 - sunday

We were up bright and early to attend the Waitangi picnic day down at Maketu marae. The opening karakia (prayers) was at 7am, then breakfast in the dining hall at 8am.
It was low tide, so dad said we might as well go and get some pipi's while we can, so we caught our pony and headed for the lagoon where some other Maori's were collecting pipi's too.
We later went back to the marae to watch all the waitangi events, including a large waka parade. It was absolutely choice.
In the afternoon it was very hot, so we caught our pony again and trekked around to the ocean beach to our favourite swimming hole.

6/02/06 - monday

Mom was going back to Auckland this morning to do her computor engineering course, so we went to see her off, then it was pony riding time again...
We trekked out to the ocean beach at our usual fast pace, then on the return journey, dad put Aotea on the pony and let Tokomaru and I walk beside him. He said it's good for our physical conditioning to walk more in the sand. After about 3 k's he put us back on the pony again. When we arrived back in town, us kids raided aunty Geni's big fruit tree for ripe peach's, while dad spent a couple of hours shelling mussles.
In the afternoon after our nap, the Davies tribe visited us. Our cousin Rawinia was with them, she said she's moving to the farm soon, she wants to come on our daily pony trek with us too. Rawinia told dad her son Oakly who is 7 years old, has no discipline and she thinks it would be good for him. Dad agreed..

7/02/06 - tuesday

It was very hot today, so dad said we will give the pony a rest and go for a walk along the beach and into town instead. We stopped at the wharf for a quick swim, then walked up to matua Bill Rewi's, so dad could have a chat. Later we wandered down to aunty's for a feed of fresh peach's off her tree.
In the afternoon, we played at home while dad did some repairs on his truck for our town day tomorrow.
In the evening we went back downtown, because dad wanted to watch an aikido class which was starting in the town hall. Their were very few people there. The aikido instructor was expecting much more. Dad told him that Kawhia people weren't very motivated or into much physical activity. The instructor asked dad to join in, which he did to show support.
Us kids were enjoying running around the hall, but dad wasn't impressed with us at all, he left early and told us we were very naughty. I couldn't understand him, after all he was jumping and rolling around too.

8/02/06 - wednesday

It was raining today, heavily, after a quick breakfast, it was off to town to do our shopping n stuff, so it was boring boring, but we did feed and chase the ducks at memorial park and a run around the warehouse...
Just before arriving home, we drove down to the farm to check our garden out. Dad said, Johnny Jarrit had done a great job of rotary hoeing it, so now we can start weeding and preparing it for planting in a couple of months. But first, it needed to be fenced off from the stock. 'We'll start next week he said.'
When we arrived home, it was still raining, so dad put on a movie for us, it was "the never ending story"...we wanted to watch it twice

9/02/06 - thursday

Dad wanted to start weeding the garden today, so while he was doing that, we hunted for worms and insects and foraged for wild blackberries. At lunch-time we went home for a snack and a nap
When we woke, dad was all ready to take us pony trekking...He said it was going to rain...and it did, when we reached the ocean-beach, it poured down. It was fun, because dad had put on our brand new rain-coats, which we hadn't worn as yet and he was right, they were water proof, but his singlet wasn't...he got soaking wet, but he didn't mind, when it cleared, it became one of those magical times when the atmosphere is full of the wairua (spirit)...It happens only now and then dad said, usually when no-one else is around...the wairua sizzles
When we got home, dad put on a movie, it was the "Lion King 2"...we watched it while he cooked our watercress boil-up, it was choice...

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