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12/02/06 - sunday

This morning we went to check on our big horse "Sawadeee" and while dad was working with her, we feasted on wild blackberries. It started to rain, so we quickly picked some puha and headed home. Dad let us watch a was "The Never-ending Story"...
It rained solidly till 5pm...then it stopped. Dad put our rug on the pony and away we went around the beach. Mom came for a walk too, she had come back to Kawhia for the weekend...It was simply beautiful. Their was no wind and everything seemed still. Dad and Tinkerbell were walking along at a fast pace, in silence, while mom sauntered along behind with Tokomaru. The beach was deserted, the tourists had been leaving Kawhia over the last 2 weeks, so only the occasional Kawhia fatcat drove past on their 4 wheelers.
On the way back, we met up with mom and Toko at the lagoon, they were picking some pipi's for dinner....yummm

13/02/06 - monday

This morning, dad took us up to the Kawhia pre-school, he said it may be good for us to go occasionally to better develop our social and interactive skills with other kids. There were heaps of toys there too.
In the afternoon after our nap, we caught Pipi and headed off for another blissful hikoi to the Kawhia ocean beach. Pipi's foal pranced and sprinted around beside us. She always seemed so happy when we go for our walks along the beach.
Dad told me he was really starting to enjoy life more now, that we were getting more on the move. He said the lst 2 years of our lives was a huge challenge for him, it changed him radically from being a full on outdoorsman, to being pulled indoors to care for us. Dad said he will never want to go through that experience again of changing thousands of dirty nappies, making up never-ending formula's, feeling sleep deprived and being cooped up indoors for long period's of time. He said along with his financial woe's, it drove him crazier than he already was, he will never judge another parent or care-giver again.
But that was the past, it didn't kill him and we have the Kawhia ocean beach to bring him back to sanity dad said, it was like active meditation for him...whatever that was

14/02/06 - tuesday

After our breakfast of stewed figs, dates, raisins and cornmeal, dad took us up to Kawhia pre-school. He promised to pick us up at 12 noon, so we could have lunch and a nap before our pony ride. We all enjoyed our new class-room. I particularly enjoyed hopping in a big fire-engine, but Tokomaru did too, so we had to scrap over it for awhile. Otherwise it was really cool.
When we awoke from our afternoon nap, we had a quick feed of grape-fruits off the tree, then onto 'Tinkerbel'l and away we went into eco-wonderland, on our magical pony...
We had a swim at our natural pool at the ocean beach point, then on the way back, dad made us all walk our 2 k's each. He insists it's good for our endurance, which we may need every bit of, in the challenges we may face in the future. Dad said it is his responsibility to prepare us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to help us survive the huge changes unfolding on our planet, at this very moment...

15/02/06 - wednesday

Dad said he will drive into town while we are at pre-school today, because he needed to do the shopping and hunt around for a heavy-duty rake for our garden. I didn't mind at all, because whaia Edwards and whaia Uerata, are real cool, they show us heaps of new activities to do, like painting and playing with dough and matua Puke came to visit us today and he brought the bro's, "Turanga and Te Mahau... We've been missing matua Puke do the haka.
Dad said he's pleased with the Kawhia pre-school, it's professionally run and they'll help bring the best out in us.
After our nap, dad gave us a snack of ripe peach's, then we caught our pony and away we trekked...It was a wild and tempestuous day, the wind was blowing much stronger than normal, not a soul was to be seen, except for Terry Scholes, dad said he was a legend, he's driven the Kawhia ocean beach on his 4 wheel motor-bike more than any-one in history. Thousands of times...he's rarely missed a day in over 30 years...imagine if he had of walked it that many times in his bare-feet dad said...he'd be en-lightened

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