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16/01/06 - thursday

Dad took us to pre-school again today at 9am, he promised to pick us up at 12 noon for lunch. He said he needs to give the house a thorough clean before mom visits again in the weekend, or he'll get a tongue lashing at how messy he is. Dad try's to make excuses on how busy he's been, but admits he needs to priortise...he can do that better now that we are at school he said
Dad put an extra couple of grapefruit in our ponys saddle-bag this afternoon, he said we were going to trek out to the ocean beach Te Puia natural hot-pools and back home around the beach.
I didn't like it much on the road, nor did dad, he said he wouldn't go that way again, unless in an emergency, but when we got to the ocean-beach, it was simply glorious, even though dad made us walk, or rather run further than usual on the sand. He said he's gradually weaning us off from one of us being carried on his back. I don't know what he means...isn't that's what dads are for...
The ocean beach was deserted again as usual, not even a fat-cat on a bike was to be seen, the holiday-makers had long gone.

17/02/06 - friday

We went to pre-school again till 12 noon, then dad picked us up for lunch, then put us to bed for a nap.
When we woke, we stuffed some grape-fruit in our saddle-bags, then set off to the ocean beach. When we reached our swimming hole, it was 'last one in is a rotten egg'...
After a couple of hours, dad dragged us out and threw us on the pony, he said mom was coming back from Auckland for the weekend, so we had better get home, she might have a present for us.
She did, it was a delicious water-melon....yummmmmm

18/02/06 - saturday

We set off early this morning on our hikoi, before the sun got too hot. Mom wanted to come, so we caught both ponies, then hit the beach. It was another glorious day. We headed for our swimming hole around the ocean beach point and leapt in...
On the way back we saw two ladies on their big horses, they looked real cool. We also saw a dead swan laying on the shore. I hope bird-flu hasn't arrived dad muttered, looking half kids arn't quite ready...yet
We climbed a tree this afternoon, it was a huge pohutakawa tree, dad said it's easier to korero with them, when your inside them. It sure was an old had heaps of whiskers...
It's movie night tonight...we're going to watch "Alice in Wonderland"...she's cool

25/02/06 - saturday

Yayyy...our computor is fixed, it broke down nearly a week ago, so I couldn't do my diary. Dad had to wait till mom came back from Auckland, he said she was more computor literate than he is.
Everyday we have been going to Kawhia pre-school, then riding our ponies in the afternoon, so it's been a really exciting week and did you hear about the discovery of the giant penguin fossil found in the Kawhia harbour last was about 40 million years old...wowww
Dad said we are nearly ready to shift into the next phase of our pony riding soon, which means we can start heading far up into the hills where no little kids have ever been, he said he's really pleased with how our riding abilities are progressing.
Dad told me again, that if we are really good at one thing, we can be good at all things. He said the daily discipline of pony riding is already reflecting in our capabilities...especially in our physical abilities, we're streaks ahead of other kids our own age
"The whole world is like a university dad said, and we are all in different class-rooms, learning different lessons and one day this class-room will end, but hopefully we will have laid a solid foundation for the next step in our evolution...which may not necessary be as much fun...but if we've developed endurance...we'll handle whatever comes our way.

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