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26/02/06 - sunday

Dad said I have to tell everybody we won't be online for awhile, because he is still having difficulty with his's old and it needs replacing, but it will have to wait till we get some money, which may take up to 2 weeks....ohhh noooo...


17/03/06 - friday

We've been riding Big Mama!!
The last 10 rides, us kids have been riding "big mama"...she's only 2 years old and already she stands at 16 hands. She is quarter clysdale, quarter arab, quarter appaloosa and a quarter thorougbred...Dad said, she is the best horse he has ever bred. Dad broke her in for us, he said he didn't think we would have advanced to the big horse stage so fast. Now two of us ride Big Mama and only one on the pony.
Today's horsetrek was our 60th ride to the Kawhia ocean beach point and back since we started at the end of dec 05...Dads rapt...he said very few adults have ridden that much and he's pleased we still enjoy and look forward to our daily pony ride...he can see the benefits and it motivates him to keep going he said.


Many Months Later:


Hi guys, dad said I need to update my diary because I've been a bit slack in writing. Our computor was out for awhile and by the time dad got it sorted, I lost the motivation.
We got to just over a 100 pony rides on the ocean beach, when dad injured his foot again. It was the same foot he broke when he got it squashed between two boats. It's okay now, but we still haven't gone riding since. Dad said it's too cold and yucky, it's winter here in NZ and it's a cold we have been indoors a lot...mainly at Kawhia pre-school.
Dad said when spring comes in september, we're be off again and this time our goal is to reach 200 pony & horse rides for the season...thats almost everyday for 8 months....whoa!!!
Anyway dad said that he can take over the diary for least till I get my motivation back...nothings seems worth writing about, except our pony rides...but Aotea says their heaps of things to write about and she wants to do a diary too...I just laughed, but dad said Aotea has a very unique perception on things, that is why she always attracts people, who think she is sooo funny & cute.
Dad said it is time to resume my diary because people from all over the world were e-mailing us to find out when I was going to start writing again. They had been following my diary and were interested in what we were up to now.
For the last 5 months we had been living in Mokau, in a primo house overlooking the oceanbeach between Awakino and Mokau. Everyday our dad took us for a walk along the beach to explore the new things washed up on the shore, but now we have moved back to Kawhia, because dad is part time skippering the cruise boat on the harbour.
We love it here also, because we can ride our pony and horse on the oceanbeach, which we haven't done much of lately, because of the really cold winter...But that is almost passed.
Our mom has been in Auckland for over a year studying computor engineering. 


Today Tokomaru and I rode our big horse from Kawhia to Aotea along the road. Dad was leading and it took us about 2 hours to get to Tuapiki's who manage Aotea horsetreks. In three days time we will catch her again and ride from their, back around to Kawhia along the beach. Thats the most awesome horse ride in the world.


Today Tokomaru and I cruised to Te Maika with dad to pick up some passengers to bring back to Kawhia...It's cool cruising with dad, we learn all about the sea and how to catch fish, because dad sometimes puts out a spinner as we cruise along and most times we catch a big kahawai or two.