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Early this morning we checked the net that we set yesterday by Tangi Te Korowhiti, the sacred Pohutakawa tree. Dad likes to get some fish for the old people, who he said we must look after, because it's an important part of their diet which they can't get so easily anymore. There were 12 mullet and 6 kahawai in the net. We helped dad re-set the net and gut and scale them.
The weather was too windy and rainy to ride our horse back from Aotea, so dad took us up to the Kawhia pre-school for awhile. It's only on days like this that dad takes us their, because he said we learn more from our outdoors lifestyle than being cooped up in a room with a whole lot of snotty nosed kids. Although he said it's very important for our socialising skills.

1st Nov, 2006

This morning we drove to Mokau to visit mom who's moved into our old house overlooking the Awakino ocean beach. She's completed her 1 year intensive computor course in Auckland and is now decided to go on correspondence. Dads really happy about that. He says looking after 3 of us is very hard work and it's too hard to go on outdoor excursions.
Aotea has been staying with her for the last few days and dads missing his little girl, although he said it's been much easier looking after only two of us. Since mom is back on the scene, dad said that one of us can take turns on staying with her...
But I ain't, mom's always on the computor and can't stand hanging around the house all day, besides, who's gonna look after dad.

8th Nov 2006

Dads been caught up in a couple of working bee's, so we haven't been back on our horse. He's been helping uncle Grant paint his information centre for Mokau, which took him 4 days, then he drove back to Kawhia to help uncle Craig fix his whare (house)...I'm annoyed, because he took Aotea instead of me...Boring...

13th Nov. 2006

Dads back to get me in Mokau. Boy has that been a long 4 days, but mom has been taking me and Toko on these really long walks along the Awakino ocean beach. We've been climbing these huge sand dunes and sliding down. Aotea's been really sick.
When they left here a few days ago, they stopped in Te Kuiti to buy a couple of sausage rolls and they both got food poisoning. Aotea's been spewing up anything she eats for the last four days. Dad boiled up some koromiko (natural medicinal plant) and made Aotea drink the juice and she hasn't spewed up since. Dad said it's powerful medicine for that sort of sickness.

18th Nov 2006

The weathers been really windy and rainy the last few days, so we've been confined to the indoors most of the time, except for when we check our fishing net twice a day. Dad sets his net in the Mokau river when we are in Mokau and we always catch either kahawai or mullet.
Dad usually takes us boys when he goes, because he said it's important for us to learn about living off the land and where all the best spots are to set our nets. He said most people live out of the supermarkets today and wouldnt know what to do if a crisis hits NZ.


It was 4.30 in the morning when we checked our net this morning and there was only 2 kahawai in it, but we also went down to "mussel rock" and got a good feed of mussels. Dad said it's all good, it keeps us alive and saves us money on our meagre budget.
Dad also says it's important to keep connected with our Maori-tanga, by living off the land. He said most Maori have forgotten to be Maori, which really means "people of the earth"..They may be able to speak the reo (Maori language) but they've never even put their toe in the water, or finger in the land.
They live a pure pakeha way of life...

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