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We've picked up our pony "Pipi" from Christine Rewi's place...Dad took her there a couple of months ago to get her hapu (in foal) to their miniature Shetland pony. She was very frisky, because we hadn't ridden her for months..
Dad tied her leg up and gave her a good bagging down, then threw Toko and I on her, then down to the beach we rode. She was raring to go and even tried to buck us off, but dad held her tight and off around to the ocean beach we went. It was soooo good to be pony riding again.


After our ponyride to the hotpools this morning we headed to aunty Peewee's place in Raglan to stay a few days. She's been wanting dad to help her with her huge garden. It's overgrown with gorse and weeds and dad said he would lend her his big muscles to break it in again.
While he was doing that, us kids played with our cousins on the trampoline and then we went exploring the bush trails. My big cousy "Ephraim" said he's going to take us eeling tonight, so he went down the road to look for a possum thats been run over by a car.
He said eels love possums to eat...especially a rotten possum.

12th Dec, 2006

We're still at aunty Peewee's. Dad's been working hardout on a huge garden, while Toko and I have been teaching our cousins how to hunt for lizards and spiders in the bush. We even found some huhu bugs.
Tomorrow we're off to Kawhia. Dad is skippering the cruise boat over to Te Maika. Choice!..we might be able to have a ride on our pony to the ocean beach.

13th Dec, 2006

We arrived in Kawhia early this morning and dad took us up to Kawhia pre-school. He said the boats too packed and theirs not enough room for us. But we didn't mind, we wanted to catch up with the bro's and whaia Uerata anyway.


Kiaora everybody....Tainui here...Sorry about being slack on my diary, but I've been really, really busy. We've been on the road since christmas, visiting all our couzzies. We've been exploring heaps also and doing running races.
I can beat all my 4 and 5 year old cousins...but Tokomaru is the fastest to beat. Dad said he's going to be a super athlete..but I'm smarter than him and I wasted him in a fight...Dad growled me though. He said it's dangerous fighting with big sticks and he wants us to love one another...
But thats boring sometimes, because Toko gets stroppy to me and I need to show him whose boss. Dad said it maybe time to get us some boxing gloves.

12th Jan, 07

We're staying in Mokau...This morning we went to mussel rock to pick some mussels...There was a huge sea lion blocking the track along the sea-cliff, but dad threw a small rock at him and it slid down the rocks and straight into the water...
The tide was still along way in, so dad had to free dive for the mussels...he got heaps for our dinner...There were some more seals swimming and playing in the ocean. They looked like they were having so much fun.


We're back down Mokau again and today we went kayaking up the Mokau river. All 4 of us. Dad was paddling and Aotea, Tokomaru and I were sitting on the kayak. It was soooo much fun. When we arrived back at the whare, we all went down to the ocean beach for our big walk.
We were all having a race along the beach, then all of a sudden, Toko started yelling and pointing to his foot. Dad raced up to check, but couldn't find what was wrong, so he followed Toko's footprints in the sand and discovered he had stood on a Bluebottle jellyfish.
Toko was still whooping and yelling and he looked as if he was doing an Indian rain dance. Dad said the pain will last about 20 minutes, so Aotea and I went to explore a cave, while dad sat down and rubbed underneath Toko's foot with sand. After about 20 minutes, Toko seemed better, so we raced up to our favourite little waterfall along the beach and jumped underneath.
The waterfall is only about 30 metre's high and we all see who can stand underneath the longest.

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