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Update For the Pony Riding Triplet Kids After Four Long Years - 21/06/2011

its now been just over FOUR YEARS LATER since we have added to this pony riding blog........We are nearly eight years old and Soooooo many changes have happened since... We moved to Hamilton City 4 years ago, where my dad started a tourism business Cruise Waikato and us kids attended a Montessori school for 18 months, and now go to Knighton School...

We also started learning Kyokushinkai karate with Davies Karate just after arriving in Hamilton, and after two and a half years, had achieved the status of "Little Dragons Black Belt" ...Us kids now study Muay Thai boxing at the Waikato Boxing and Thaiboxing Centre...

The fond memories of riding the Kawhia ocean beach on our ponies for over 300 treks, is etched deeply into our minds, and Aotea, who is still passionate and absolutely crazy about horses and ponies, has just started her new website:

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