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On The Beach - 30/12/05 - friday

We awoke early this morning. I chose to go down to our favourite swimming spot under "Tangi te Korowhiti", the sacred pohutukawa tree of the Tainui tribe. Mom took us kids down while dad took some tourists over to Te Maika on the "Lady Kawhia."...We had a lot of fun playing with these other kids on the beach. We built a giant sand castle.

A few hours later dad came back. He gave us a ride on his dinghy around the bay. After that we went home for an early afternoon nap. When we awoke, dad caught our pony and we headed off for the ocean beach. There were heaps of tourists hooning along the beach on the rented 4 wheeler bikes. I've never seen so many people on the ocean beach before. I felt so lucky that we had a little pony...They only had motorbikes...Dad said thats why most people are so fat, they travel on vehicle's everywhere. They've forgotten how to walk....or ride.




After dinner and our bath, we watched a movie, then it was time to to go to bed. I snuggled up to dad. It's my favourite place in the world.

31/12/05 - saturday

We were up bright and early again. Dad took us kids down to the wharf for a swim. The tide was full in. It was a king tide. There were already many other kids playing on the beach. We got into a sand fight with some other kids. Dad growled me. I don't know why, they were only city kids.
A man caught a huge kingfish off the wharf. Dad took us over to see it. It was massive. It was flapping all over the place. Every day some one catchs a king fish now. Dad said the season is here for them to come into the harbour. The water is warm. I love Kawhia in the summer, there's so many things happening. At noon, dad said it's time to go home for a sleep because it's too hot. He said the midday sun is not healthy for us.
Today mom cooked us something yummy to eat and later read some books to us before we had a sleep.
Dad came back after we woke up and said it's time for our pony ride. We all rushed outside. Tokomaru tried to beat me to the pony, but he never does. Dad says that although Tokomaru loves his pony ride, he thinks maybe he's going to be a motor bike boy, because he's always noticing motor bikes. How boring... Aotea and I will always like horses better.
Todays pony ride was really choice. The tourists were out as usual, but we veered off the beaten track where no bike could get to. Pipi's foal really enjoys her walk. Sometime she races ahead fast, then jumps and frolics around us. She loves to roll in the sand. The tourists are always staring at her and laughing and I think she knows she's the star attraction.
There were heaps of fish jumping out of the water and I saw lots of kuaka (bar tailed godwits) along the lagoon sandbanks. Dad says the Kawhia ocean beach is an undiscovered eco-wonderland and that we should really appreciate it while we can or before it gets discovered and polluted. He said the world is changing rapidly and many things not for the better.
We changed the horses grazing paddock today and shifted them behind Maketu Marae where there was a lot more grass. Then Dad, Tokomaru and I , walked back to our truck. Dad said it was going to be a long night tonight, because it was new years eve and at midnight there is a huge fireworks display, that is launched from a barge in the harbour.
Most people go down to the wharf and watch it from there. We're really excited because we can't remember last years display and we've never stayed up to midnight before.

Anyway I'll tell you all about it tomorrow....bye

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