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Visiting The Zoo - 1/01/06 - Sunday - NEW YEARS DAY

I missed it all. I fell asleep and dad said I was too tired to awake. Aotea and Tokomaru saw the fireworks display though from our house. They said it was massive but scary. When they went back to bed, they clung onto dad really tight until they eventually fell asleep.
We're on our way down to the Kawhia wharf. The annual new years regatta is on and the local regions are racing each other in their whaleboats. Dad said there's usually some good kids entertainment going on. Should be fun.
It was fun. There was a merry-go-round, a bouncy castle, go-carts and heaps of other stuff. The whale-boats were the main attraction and hundreds of people were cheering for their team to win. We had a great time till we were tired, then dad took us up to moms for a sleep so that we had enough energy for our afternoon pony ride.

At 2pm we caught our pony and headed off around the beach. This is my favourite time, and I think it's my dads favourite time too. He said the ocean beach walk is his active meditation and he's getting fit at the same time. It's a long way to carry a toddler in a backpack, through the soft sand every day. But he doesn't seem to notice.

Dad said we will be ultra fit by the time we hike, horsetrek and kayak the surrounding outdoors. He said he can't wait to take us camping in some of the most magical nature places in the world. Right here on our own doorstep.

I notice quite often tourists are filming us with their video camera's. Dad says it's because its rare to see such confident young riders as us.

Tonight is "fish n chip" night. Dads usually a health nut and insists we eat only nutritional foods, which means no lollies, and all other yummy things. But once a week we get treated to what he calls junk food. I LOVE JUNK FOOD.
This evening, our cousins came over. There parents wanted to go out partying, so asked dad if they could stay the night. Dad put a movie on for us "Lord of the Rings"....It was the scariest thing I've ever seen.


2/01/06 - monday

I must of fallen asleep during the movie. It's another beautiful day. Our cousins want to come pony riding. But dad says it's shopping day and he might take us to the zoo while we are in Hamilton. We haven't been to the zoo yet.
Well we didn't reach the zoo. We stayed in Kawhia. There was a last minute change of plan and we ended up going fishing off the wharf instead. We caught lots of sprats, but nothing really big. Later, mom walked us along the beach track to her place. Dad headed off on the Lady Kawhia boat to Te Maika.
It was a windy and rainy day, so we couldn't go for a ride on our pony. Mom was stressing with too many kids, so she took our cousins home. Soon dad came home with a movie for us to watch. It's going to be an indoors afternoon today....yuck.

3/01/06 - tuesday

Wow, what a day we had. We went to the Hamilton zoo and we saw the cheeky monkeys climbing and scrambling up the branches and ropes. We saw the rhino's wallowing in the mud. I poked a kune kune pig on the nose and we even saw a scary tiger and clumsy giraffe. It was awesome. I saw all the animals that I had only seen in the books and on tv. Then off we went to Te Awamutu to do our grocery shopping.
From there, although unplanned, we all decided to go to the movies to watch "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"...but it had already started, so dad said "lets watch King Kong"....Well, that would have to be the scariest movie in the world. Aotea hung onto dad and Tokomaru clung to mom and I just had to handle it.
We're now home, It's 9pm and Tokomaru is still growling and trying to scare us...But I'd like to watch it again, when I get bigger. Dad has promised me we can go riding tomorrow. It's been two days and I'm worried Pipi may be missing me. I can't wait till the morning.

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