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Practising The Haka - 4/01/06

Haka Day - Dad broke his promise. He said he had to, or we'll all going to get a flu. I told him I've got a raincoat and he has an unbrella. But he wouldn't listen, he said horses don't like gale force winds and the ocean beach will be too unpleasant, so it will have to be another indoors day. I can't stand it anymore. Dad said we're not quite big enough to stay outside in all weather conditions.
Well it wasn't that bad after all. We went to moms place and she read us heaps of stories and cooked us a yummy lunch. Dad is a good cook too, but it doesn't taste as nice as moms cooking. She uses all sorts of spices n sauces.
Dad went off somewhere. When he came back he said he had taken a group of people to Te Maika on the boat and they had run into gale-force winds on the way. The people got scared, but he told them the "Lady Kawhia" was the safest boat on the harbour and could handle very extreme conditions. They clapped their hands when he got them to the Te maika jetty safely.
In the late afternoon the rain had stopped, so dad took us for a drive out on the ocean beach road. He said he wants to take us for a hike on a mystical trail through the forestry. It really was spooky and very eery. He told us to be quiet and listen. He said the tree's are trying to speak to us, but we have to be very attentive and alert to hear what they are saying. I'm absolutely certain I saw some "little people" too, flitting from tree to tree really fast.
Dad says I have a vivid imagination, but that I'm exceptionally intelligent and most probably be a very spiritually advanced soul. He says all things are possible and to keep an open mind about everything.
We had the most amazing walk and even had time to climb up and down some steep sand dunes. We all had a big play, then headed home.

5/01/06 - thursday

We awoke this morning to pouring rain. It remained scattered all day. Dad kept us entertained for most of the day. We played all sorts of games. Dad said looking after us has been the biggest job he's ever done and he's learn't a lot about himself because we are such great teachers. But he said we're not good for business, he's never been so financially broke in his life.
Dad said, to get extra-ordinary performance out of kids, you have to give them extra-ordinary attention. I don't know what he means as usual, but I love my dad dearly and one day I'm gonna make him proud of me. I'm going to be a champion at something.
Dad said today he's going to e-mail some people who may be interested in reading my diary. He gave me my very own e-mai...He said other kids might want to ask me questions or share their experiences with me and I might even find a friend in a faraway land....You mean Shrek, I asked him
Tokomaru and I, had another big scrap today. He always wants what I've got. I was really upset with him because he got away with my bike. He's physically stronger than I. Dad said to hug and be friends. I didn't want to. Dad said we are in warrior training now, and the true warrior, is a warrior of the "here and now," and can forgive really fast. He says the most intelligent persons never holds a grievance. We kissed and became friends again. I love my brother and sister, they are the coolest kids in the world.
Mom's been away all day. She's been working on the computer. Dad said she's clever at technical things. Next week she's going away for 11 days. She's off to Vipassana meditation retreat centre again. It's her time to re-charge her batteries and spiritually re-juvenate herself, she said.
We practised the haka again today. We learn't it at Te Kohanga reo. Dad said the originator of the Kamate haka, practised by the All Blacks rugby team is our ancestor Te Rauparaha , born and bred, here in Kawhia.

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