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6/01/06 - friday

Our cousins from the Bracken/Davies whanau arrived this morning. Nehemiah (7), Nahim (6) Oakly (7) and Arnei (4). They are really clever big kids and they know all sorts of games. When it was time for them to go, dad said I could go with them out to their farm where they are staying, because he was coming out their soon. I was excited because their is always something really interesting at their place.
By the time dad, Tokomaru and Aotea had arrived at the farm, we were full on exploring. Later, my aunty asked dad if she could take us all to the beach. Dad said he had a horse to break in, and that it would be good to interact with our cousins. We went down to the wharf. The beach was crowded with kids and we met some other cousins of ours.
It was so exciting and chaotic. There were sand fights going on, races, up and down the beach, playing in the dinghy's, big kids wrestling and dunking each other in the water, other big kids bombing off the wharf and all sorts of crazy stuff. It was awesome spending the day with our cousins.
It was 6pm after we left the beach and we were starved. Aunty took us home to moms place. She fed and bathed us and read us stories. It was an intense day. I was exhausted trying to keep us with my big cousins. Dad said he enjoyed the time-out and had worked on his up and coming riding horse. We all went home to our place and crawled into bed...tomorrow was another day...another adventure.

Pipi is Missing - 7/01/06 - saturday

We went to catch our pony, but she was gone. She had gotten out of her paddock. We searched everywhere. I was devastated. Why had Pipi run away? Had she been looking for me? Maybe she missed her walk so much, she went by herself. We drove our 4 wheel drive truck out to the oceanbeach. But nowhere was Pipi and her foal were to be seen.

I was worried, but dad as usual was as equanimous as ever. Don't worry he said, she'll turn up. Dad eventually tracked her down. Somehow she had travelled to an adjoining farm and gotten into a huge bush paddock with several other horses. They were half wild and ran as soon as they saw dad. Pipi followed them. I couldn't understand why she wanted to go with them.

Dad said the herd instinct in horses is very strong and he will catch her later. At least we knew where she was.

We drove down the Kawhia oceanbeach road again. Mom came with us. We played in the sand dunes. Dad said it's great for our physical development. Makes our legs strong. We had a lot of fun crawling up the sad dunes and running down really fast. It's one of our favourite games.
There were many people down on the beach in the hot pools. A tourist took a photo of me. She had a massive camera. She told dad she would send him a copy of the photo. Dad told her about my diary, he said he will put it online when he gets it. It was time for our lunch and a sleep. We headed home.
Dad had some business to attend to, so we stayed at moms place. I thought it was going to be on our push-bikes for the rest of the afternoon, but dad saved us. He came home early and took us for a swim on the beach by "Tangi Te Korowhiti" the sacred pohutukawa tree. Somebody said, here come the beach babies. Dad just laughed.
A rare thing for Kawhia just happened while we were there. A car driven slowly by a man went off the road and over the bank. It landed on the beach not far from us. Dad said he must have been drunk or stoned. Tourists, he sighed.... But it wasn't.... He was a local.
On the way home, dad chatted to his friend Ralph, one of the locals. He couldn't understand why dad had given up his tourism business and become our fulltime caregiver.
Dad just shrugged and smiled. He later said Ralph was from the old school of thought and believed fathers should focus on work and let others take responsibility for the kids. Dad said he doesn't understand that their are some things far more important than striving for money and it would be too hard for him to understand the difficulty with raising triplets and that we are more valuable than all the money in the world anyway.
Dad gave me a wink, "no worries aye mate" he said...I grinned and held his hand...It was such a lovely tranquil evening...we strolled slowly home, until we remembered...Mom was cooking for us tonight. We picked up the pace.

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