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8/01/06 - sunday

Visiting Aotea Harbour: Sunday was a beautiful day. Mom was having problems with her computer, so she asked dad if he could take her to Aotea where her friend lived. He was a computer genius. We all piled into the truck and headed for Aotea. Dad said Aotea has the most beautiful harbour in New Zealand. It's only a small village of about 50 people, about 7k's from Kawhia harbour.
Her friend wasn't home, so we drove down to the beach. The tide was out and there were many waterpools exposed on the foreshore. "Last one in is a rotten hedgehog" dad yelled, as he headed for the pools. Down the steps we went clambering after him, and raced out onto the sandbanks.
Dad was racing from pool to pool with us in hot pursuit. The water was warm and inviting and we lay in each for a moment before running to the next pool and leaping in. It was absolute fun and we played for hours before hopping back into the truck and heading for Kawhia again. Aotea harbour certainly is a rare eco gem, as dad says.
We were so exhausted, that we fell asleep on the way back. When we awoke, dad was working on a horse in the cattle yards at the farm. He said he will break this horse in for one of us. Tokomaru instantly tried to claim it by saying 'mine, mine.
When we got home, dad filled up a large bath-tub with water and chucked heaps of toys in...I got the message. We were staying with boring mom for the rest of the afternoon. ..But we made the most of it and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was late before dad came back and took us home.

9/01/06 - MONDAY

This morning, we went to Te Kohanga Reo at Maketu marae. While dad had a meeting with the trustee's, we played with our cousins "Turanga"(3) and "Hawaiiki"(1)...They will be attending kura (school), when it resumes next monday. Te Kohanga Reo is a Maori pre-school specialising in teaching the Maori language. Dad feels that it is important to learn multi-languages at an early age. We already partly understand Maori, Thai and English.
After the meeting, dad told me there were going to be some exciting changes this term at kohanga. There was going to be a lot more outdoor activities, like learning all aspects of Maori gardening. We will learn all about the seasons, the planetary influences, the names of plants, natural fertilising, irrigation systems, when, where and how to grow, etc....Dad said an important aspect of warrior training was learning self-sufficiency, self-reliance and attunement with nature...He said Maori gardening was an ancient, but advanced system, using natural methods.
When we arrived home, dad checked our e-mail. He said I had a fan mail. It was from my aunty Billy. She said she's been reading my diary on the internet and she loved it. When she comes to Kawhia next, she wants to come on our next hikoi around the ocean beach. She said we have to go slow though, because she's one of those fat people dad talks about who drives everywhere and has forgotten how to walk far. I'm not sure if she can keep up. Mom can't even keep up. No-one can keep up. I hope my aunty won't cry, if we leave her behind.
Tomorrow, dad said he's going to a hui (meeting) at his whanau's place at Tongaporutu-Whitecliff Station. He's going with my aunty Geni and uncle Grant. Dad said Tokomaru and I will have to stay with mom. Aotea will be going with him. He said our pony can stay where she is till he gets back. It will do her good having a big rest and lots to eat. We will be full-on riding from thursday.
I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Dad will be gone till wednesday night. How would he cope? He needs me to find his cell phone and truck keys and to massage his head...Aotea always goes with him...She's dad's little princess...I'm not happy about it...Not happy at all.
This afternoon, mom took us down to the beach. We all took our push-bikes. We love it when we can get mom outdoors. But she never lasts long. When we arrived home, Tokomaru and I, had another big scrap. He thinks that everything that is mine, belongs to him. He's always to blame when things go wrong. I can't understand it when dad and mom don't agree with me when I tell them that.


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