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Picking Pipi's - 10/01/06

Picking Pipi's: - This morning I was up bright and early to help dad pack. I was hoping he might change his mind and realise that I needed to come. But he had a big chat to me and convinced me that it was for the better I stay. There was some tough bargaining and major concessions he had to agree to though. Next week, I'm not missing one days riding on our pony.
Although I was a bit emotional when dad left, I handled it like a warrior. Tokomaru and mom need looking after, so as dad said, I need to be on my best behaviour and take responsibility for them. Mom and I always argue. But dad said because I'm so clever, I will find a way to a peaceful solution. He always reminds me that the most intelligent person is a forgiving person. It's going to be a long two days.
Well, the day didn't turn out to bad at all. Mom needed some eggs, so off we went to visit uncle Ted who knows everything about growing things and living off the land. He has heaps of chooks, milking goats and fruit tree's. Mom said he is a really wise and humble old man who always thinking of others.
In the afternoon, we all strolled along the beach to town. We played in the park for awhile on the swings and slides, then headed up to nana's to deliver her mail.
In the evening we were full of energy, so mom said we could go down to the sacred tree on the bay and watch the reflections dancing on the water. It was dark when we got home...I love Kawhia at night.

11/01/06 - wednesday

This morning, mom took us on a foraging mission to find wild goose-berries, then we explored the beach for pipi's and pupu's, which mom knows how to cook really delicious.
When dad arrived home, mom told him how good I've been in looking after her and Tokomaru. Dad said he's not surprised, and that i'm incredibly aware for my age. He then told us about the adventures, him and Aotea have been up to. They had a ball playing in the surf on Mokau beach and the next day, they cruised up the river on the 93 year old, creamboat "Cygnet"which they call the "Grand ole Lady of the Mokau River.
My uncle runs Mokau River Heritage Cruises. Dad said it was a buzz to experience such a rare eco-gem and we need to appreciate our natural evironment before it may disappear.

12/01/06 - thursday

We played all morning with our cousins: Nehemiah, Nahim, Turanga and Hawaiiki, at our aunty Geni's. Dad and my big cousin Sam, went off to catch our pony, who was still in the bush paddock with the wild horses. Sam (17) is Aunty Geni's son. He won a $90,000 scholarship to go to university, where he's been for a year and has just been accepted into medical school. He's studying to be a brain surgeon.
Dad said with all Sam's brains, our pony outsmarted him many times by sneaking through the small gaps after cornering all the horses. He didn't have much horse sense. But dad and Sam's persistency paid off and he finally caught her and brought her home. Dad said after our sleep, we're off for a ride...Boy that sounds good.
This afternoon, dad put Aotea in his backpack and me on the horse. Tokomaru walked with mom and my cousin Nehemiah (8). We headed for the ocean beach. It was pure heaven. Even Pipi our pony was happy to be trekking again. She must of forgotten this was the most beautiful walk in the world. Even for a horse.
We trekked along the beach in silence. I could see dad was enjoying walking the beach again. The tourists were driving past on their 4 wheelers. The water was calm and inviting. The silence was suddenly broken by Nehemiah, running to catch up with us. She didn't want to walk with the slow-pokes.
Dad lifted her on the pony, behind me. She chatted all the way. I'm like dad, I like to listen to nature, the lap of the waves, the seagulls, the fish jumping, the wind whispering, the tree's talking....
We walked all the way to the hotpools. On the way back, dad replaced me and Nehemiah with Aotea and Tokomaru. I protested loudly, but in vain. He disappeared in the distance, leaving me with mom to help carry the pipi's she had picked. He said my legs needed conditioning and the walk will blow out some of my steam, so i'll sleep well to-night.
When we got home, dad took us down to the wharf. It was junk food night. Once a week we are allowed fish n chips from the Kawhia fish shop. They are delicious. But not as tasty as the pipi's. Then we are allowed a swim to finish off the day. Life is sooooo good here in Kawhia.