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Moms off to Auckland - 13/01/06

This morning, dad said we are going on a secret trail through the mountains to visit an ancient cave dwelling where our ancestors congregated for spiritual rituals. We drove for about an hour along a rough track, then parked our truck near a small, but deep stream and had a big swim. It was absolute fun. There were some very smooth stones and dad tried to teach us to throw them at the water and make them skim along the surface. We couldn't quite do it.
After our swim, we put our shoes on and followed dad along a wild bush trail that led up and down huge hills. We walked a long way, even further than the ocean beach. Aotea started to cry, so dad put her in his backpack.
Finally we came to a large cliff and crawled through a narrow entrance into a cold dark cave. Dad turned his torch on and led us deeper into the cave. It got really small and narrow, then widened into a really big cave. Tokomaru and I were a bit frightened, but dad told us to hang onto these ropes tied to him. Tokomaru was saying "monkey monkey"...He thought King Kong lived in there.

Dad shined the torch on the walls and showed us some drawings, which he said were very very old. There were many all over the walls. Dad said this room was used for storing knowledge, like a library and each image had a meaning. He said this was a very spiritual place and when we get older, he will bring us back here again. It will have more meaning then. Dad just wanted to introduce us to our ancestors.

Dad also showed us all these large stones, some in a circle. I was wanting to get out of there. Tokomaru was convincing me that King Kong did live their. Aotea was just sucking her fingers as usual. She always felt safe on dads back.
Dad finally said it's time to go home. The journey back seemed shorter, because it was mostly down-hill. I really enjoyed that experience though, especially the swim. When we got back to town, I tried to tell mom about the scary cave. She didn't seem to understand the danger we were in. No worries, it will be our own secret. I know where King Kong lives now.

This afternoon, we caught our pony and headed for the ocean beach. It was very hot, but overcast and we were all so happy to be on the beach again. The little foal was happy too. She was frolicking and prancing and racing up and down. This was our very favourite place in the whole wide world.

14/01/06 - saturday

Last night, dads whanau had a meeting. They wanted him to skipper fulltime for the "Lady Kawhia" again. The whanau said, since dad left last year, the business has slowed down. Dad said unfortunately, it's not possible, his first priority is for us kids. He said mom is leaving for Auckland in the next two weeks, to study computor engineering for a year and he's got a really tough job ahead of him.
Mom's used to look after us while dad was running the tourism business. Dad used to work long hours and mom found it very stressful taking care of us by herself. She moved to town with us kids for awhile, but found it even more difficult. Mom said she couldn't control us. She eventually gave dad the ultimatum, business or the family. Dad decided to give up work and look after us full-time. A few months later they separated, but agreed to make us kids, their absolute priority. Mom went to Thailand for 3 months to catch-up with family, She has helped dad care for us ever since.
Mom told us, it's been the most difficult decision of her life, to leave for Auckland, but she feels us kids are in the best place in New Zealand and dad is very capable of taking good care of us. She said she will ring us every night without fail. Dad wasn't too happy about it, but admitted it was a good opportunity for mom to learn a valuable skill that she could utilise to her advantage and us kids. He said he hopes it will turn into a positive thing for mom, who we are all going to miss very very much.
This morning, Johnny Jarrit, a local tractor driver, came out to the farm to start on our Maori garden. He was going to use a slasher on the back of his tractor to cut the grass, then rotary hoe it. Our first garden was going to be over an acre big. Dad said we would get enough vegetables from this garden to feed our whole whanau and many of the old people from the town. He was looking forward to starting it.
Some of our cousins came out too. We played together until lunchtime and dad put us to bed for a sleep. When we awoke, we caught our pony and headed for the ocean. Their was a lot of tourists driving 4 wheel bikes and trucks up and down the beach, but as usual no-one was walking. Dad said although people are getting a lot of benefit from viewing this eco-wonderland from a vehicle, they are not experiencing the full "Mauri" (life-force energy), which can only come from walking barefoot in the sand. The further the better.
The ocean beach is a powerful energiser. If a person walks everyday, It will become very obvious. It is subtle and subliminal, dad said. But the ordinary person is not spiritually aware enough to notice or too lazy to walk more than once. He said they pay a huge price to constantly pursue materialistic goals. Dad said the wairua (spirit) is more available to us, when we keep it simple....or our barefeet on the ground.
On the way back, we picked some pipi's for dinner and had a swim in the lagoon. It was another glorious day. We watched the fishing charter boats cruise into the harbour, a trail of seagulls following, looking for easy pickings. Another group of horsetrekkers were riding along the beach. Mom sighed, I'll miss this place, she said...but a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.