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Kawhia Traditional Maori Kai (Food) Festival

Kiaora and welcome to the webpage about Kawhia's biggest day....
"The Maori Kai Festival".

The last Kawhia kai festival was a beauty. The sun was beaming benevolently and the wafting smells of a hundred traditional Maori dishes hung in the air, as thousands of visitors from around New Zealand and even internationally, flocked to the sea-side village of Kawhia to participate in the unique "Maori experience".

The lonely Planet guide have written that it's one of the top Maori attractions in NZ.

As usual, many of our Tainui whanau (family) make their annual pilgrimage to Kawhia, to re-connect with their spiritual roots and to whanau.

And yummmm....The kai is always delicious.
From mussel fritters, dried shark, to rotten corn.

This year on the 7th of feb 09, Kawhia will be rocking again, as even a larger crowd is predicted. But hey, we could talk forever about this special day, and whatever you do, don't miss the next Kawhia kai festival