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Tourists Invade Kawhia...29/12/05 - thursdaypony ride

10.30am - We are finally on our way. Dad was busy on the computer, so we had a late start. Tokomaru and I decided to run amok to speed him up. As usual, dad put me on the pony first and Toko behind me. I think it's because I'm the best rider. He then placed Aotea in his backpack, then off we went.

It was another beautiful day. The tide was full in, so we rode in the water most of the way. There were many boats cruising up and down the harbour....

Tourists...Kawhia was full of them. Even on the beach, rented 4 wheel motorbikes were hooning past us, one after another. But our pony 'Pipi' didn't seem to mind...Dad had really trained her well.

Our pony trek took about 3 hours today, but it was choice. When we got back, dad gave us some fruit and ice cream, then put us to bed. He said we need a good sleep because it's going to be a busy afternoon and we need to sleep during the midday sun, which is too hot for us.

It's 4pm and we're off again. Dad said we've missed the tide for the natural hotpools so we can go down to the wharf again for a swim. We all rushed to get our swimsuits on. Normally we swim in the nude, but dad said the tourists and prudes aren't used to that, so we'd better cover up.

The wharf was packed with tourists again and all the big kids were jumping off the edges. We played on the beach with some other kids until it was time to go. On the way home we saw about 20 horses and riders from Aotea horse treks riding through town. It was so cool. I can't wait till I can ride the big horses.

When we arrived home, we had a bath and dinner, then dad read us a story from a book. Dad said tomorrow I can come with him on the charter boat "Lady Kawhia" ...He still skippers it part time. He was taking some tourists over to Te Maika.

Well anyway, I'm getting real sleepy....I'll see you again tomorrow....bye

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