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Maori Myths and Legendary Tales Maori Myths and Legendary Tales

This book was first published in 1946 as Myths and Legends of Maoriland, and subsequently reprinted four times before the second edition was published in 1958, followed by the third edition in 1961. It went on to become one of New Zealand's most recognised books of the genre, winning an Esther Glen medal for the best children's book in 1947, and enjoyed considerable popularity in London, New York and Australia. This new edition retains the work of illustrator Dennis Turner and is presented with a stunning new cover based on the 'Rangi and Papa' mural, by highly acclaimed artist Cliff Whiting, which now hangs in the Beehive in Wellington.


The Legends of Maui (Myths, Legend and Folk Tales from Around the World)The Legends of Maui (Myths, Legend and Folk Tales from Around the World)

NOTE: The book has been especially republished to raise funds for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal (of 2011). DESCRIPTION: MAUI (Ma-u-i, Ma-oo-e) is a demi god. His name derives from "Mohyi" meaning "causing to: live" or "life," applied sometimes to the gods and sometimes to chiefs as "preservers and sustainers" of their followers. The Maui story probably contains a larger number of unique and ancient myths than that of any other legendary character in the mythology of any nation. They also form one of the strongest links in the mythological chain of evidence which binds the scattered inhabitants of the Pacific into one nation. 


Maori Tales And Legends Maori Tales And Legends

Preface THE following tales are an outcome of a long residence in New Zealand, and of many opportunities whilst travelling amongst the Maoris of becoming acquainted with their folk-lore, superstitions, and customs. From a vast mass of legendary tales, rich in variants, and recorded often in a fragmentary manner, I have chosen those in this little volume as the oldest and best known amongst the natives. I have endeavoured to adhere to the true spirit of the tales themselves, and to give them the form, expression, and speech characteristic of the country and clever native race. The Maoris, as a rule, are eloquent, and their language is full of metaphor and poetical allusion, and musical with open vowels. Every syllable ends with a vowel, every vowel is sounded, and that according to the Italian method.


Maori Myth and Legend: Traditional Stories

Maori Myth and Legend: Traditional Stories

The Maori have a rich and colourful tradition of myth and legend - many of their most important and popular tales are retold in this classic, bestselling book. Written with the general reader in mind, the stories range from the creation of the world and the coming of life, death and knowledge. They incorporate the great god Tane, Maui who tamed the sun, the woman on the moon, monsters, fairies, wondrous birds and moving mountains.


Favourite M Ori Legends

Favourite M Ori Legends

Maori myths and legends have an important role in transmitting and regenerating traditional knowledge. Yet as Ross Calman points out in his introduction to this new edition, they are also simply great yarns - reflective of a time when telling and listening to stories was a key leisure activity in Maori society. Favourite Maori Legends is an invitation to enjoy over 30 of the most memorable legends, grouped into themes of the spirit world, patupaiarehe (ghosts), taniwha, supernatural creatures, heroes and deeds of daring. Concise yet complete, these gripping stories are enlivened by the timeless illustrations of Roger Hart.


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