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Rongoa - Maori Medicinal Books

Te-Rongoa-Maori-MedicineTe Rongoa Maori Medicine

Pip Williams spent his life observing and recording the use by local Maori of native plants for medical purposes. This book brings together his observations on 43 New Zealand plants and the health problems they were used to treat, colourfully interspersed with anecdotal evidence and beautifully illustrated with watercolours and engravings. Much of the information was told to the author by kuia and kaumatua over 40 years ago.

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Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native PlantsGardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants
This reference brings together over 1000 species, hybrids and cultivars. It includes colour photographs, arranged according to the plant's attributes and use in the garden, and also includes examples of landscaping possibilities as well as numerous plant portraits. The accompanying A to Z text gives detailed descriptions, cultivation and propagation information (including regionally specific advice). There are also extensive lists of plants with desirable features for particular situations.

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100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens
This title has been a stand out amongst Godwit's highly regarded gardening titles since its first publication in 2001. Over 25 per cent of the plants have been changed, bringing it in line with the author's evolving views of the growing habits and climate tolerance of our native species. This edition has also been given an entirely new look, matching the 2007 Godwit titles Foliage for the Contemporary New Zealand Garden and Bromeliads: the Conoisseur's Guide in its handsome chunky flexibind format...»Buy now



Know Your New Zealand Native Plants Know Your New Zealand Native Plants

New Zealand has a unique and attractive native plant life that is of interest to everyone from gardeners and trampers to students of botany and ecology. In "Know Your New Zealand Native Plants", Lawrie Metcalf introduces a selection of the most interesting, iconic and important New Zealand plants, spanning latitudes from subtropical to temperate, and altitudes from sea level to alpine mountaintop, describing their natural history and distinguishing features. This title joins New Holland's hugely successful "Know Your..." series, of which the first two titles - "Birds" and "Trees" - both reprinted twice within two years of their release. Written for a family readership and with the novice in mind, the text of "Know Your..." titles is light and easy in tone, with simple language, and is accompanied by full-page, full-colour portrait photographs...»Buy now



Koro's Medicine Koro's Medicine

From blisters to blocked noses, Koro seems to have an unappetising remedy for eveything. But could his enthusiasm for rongoa - Maori medicine - turn out to be contatgious? A children's stroy and Maori herbal all in one...» Buy now



Conservation of Medicinal Plants Conservation of Medicinal Plants

Nearly all cultures, from ancient times to today, have used plants as a source of medicine. In many developing countries, traditional medicine is still the mainstay of health care and most of the drugs and cures used come from plants. In developed countries many people are turning to herbal remedies. With this widespread use has come the assumption that plants identified as having medicinal qualities will be available on a continuing basis. » Buy now




A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New ZealandA Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand
Plant Heritage New Zealand looks at the unique characteristics of New Zealand's plants, and what makes them so special. It delves into the origins and evolution of the plants, how they have inspired songs, poems and works of art, Maori myths, stories and proverbs associated with them, and their many uses as a natural resource. Part 2 presents a selection of the plants and looks at classification, names, botanical description, traditional and modern uses, cultural heritage and significance to Maori.
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Grow Your Own Drugs: The Top 100 Plants to Grow or Get to Treat Arthritis, Migraines, Coughs and More!Grow Your Own Drugs: The Top 100 Plants to Grow or Get to Treat Arthritis, Migraines, Coughs and More!

Whether you're struggling with insomnia, the kids have eczema, or your partner is feeling under the weather, this book could have the answer. With easy recipes, ethnobotanist James Wong shows how to make simple creams, salves, teas and much, much more from the stuff growing in your window box, in your local grocery or garden center, or even in the sidewalk. »Buy now

A Tohunga's Natural World: Plants, Gardening and FoodA Tohunga's Natural World: Plants, Gardening and Food

In this remarkable sequel to his ground-breaking Tohunga: Hohepa Kereopa (2003), historian Dr Paul Moon again travels deep into Tuhoe territory - and deep into its past - to uncover a wealth of material. This time he reveals his discussions with Hohepa Kereopa on traditional plants, cultivation, gardening, foods, medicines, and other aspects of the natural Maori world. This book is indispensable for anyone with an interest in customary Maori life, and provides a unique perspective on the work of a great tohunga at the height of his powers. »Buy now



The Propagation of New Zealand Native Plants The Propagation of New Zealand Native Plants

The welcome return of a classic gardening title, which has been out of print for some time. With an entirely new format and layout and updated material which includes information on eco-sourcing native seeds, this is a must-have volume for every gardener , landscaper, horticulture tutor and student interested in working with our stunning range of native plants...»Buy now

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Grow Your Own Medicine: A Guide to Growing Health-giving Plants in Your Own BackyardGrow Your Own Medicine: A Guide to Growing Health-giving Plants in Your Own Backyard

The medicinal powers of herbs, vegetables and fruits have been revered for thousands of years. This practical guide shows you how to grow and use these plants to prevent diseases, treat everyday ailments and promote general good health. More than sixty plants and their properties are discussed in detail, from echinacea to fight colds and boost the immune system, to cabbage to ward off cancer; from thyme-oil antiseptic to ginger compresses for cramps; and from arthritis-relieving potato poultices to libido-boosting damiana tea. You will learn their medicinal properties, how best to administer them - in teas, tinctures, compresses, poultices and more - and, of course, how to grow and prepare them for use. Whether you have a small vegie patch - or the space to create one - or room in a courtyard or balcony for a few pots, this book will show you how easy it is to create an organic medicine cabinet in your own backyard. Plant your way to good health! »Buy now



Medicinal Plants of the World: v. 1: Chemical Constituents, Traditional and Modern UsesMedicinal Plants of the World: v. 1: Chemical Constituents, Traditional and Modern Uses

van Ross takes advantage of the significant growth in the amount of new data available to update and expand his much acclaimed Medicinal Plants of the World: Chemical Constituents, Traditional and Modern Medicinal Uses. This second edition exhaustively compiles new clinical research and references twenty-six of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world, including Allium sativum, Mangifera indica, Punica granatum;, Momoridica charantia, Mucuna pruriens; Arbus precatorius; Moringa pterysgosperma, Phyllanthus niruri, and Jatrpha curcas...»Buy now


Handbook of Medicinal Plants Handbook of Medicinal Plants

Explores state of the art developments in the field of botonical medicine, including ethnobotany, new technologies, and the latest applications to modern medicine.

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Medicinal Plants of the World: An Illustrated Scientific Guide to Important Medicinal Plants and Their Uses Medicinal Plants of the World: An Illustrated Scientific Guide to Important Medicinal Plants and Their Uses

"Medicinal Plants of the World" is a comprehensive and scientifically accurate guide to the best-known and most important medicinal plants. The book includes descriptions of more than 300 medicinal plants and their close relatives. Each entry gives a short summary with a description of the plant, the geographical origin, therapeutic category, historical and modern uses, active ingredients, and pharmacological effects. More than 500 full-color photographs assist in the identification of the plants. It is an essential reference guide for health care professionals - doctors, nurses, and especially pharmacists - or anyone with an interest in medicinal plants and their uses. » Buy now